Myths about Equine Assisted Coaching

Horse Assisted Coaching has gained popularity in recent years. More and more people are familiar with coaching with horses - and yet there are still many misconceptions circulating around. In this article, Mareike from our Equine Assisted Coaching Team uncovers some of the myths surrounding working with the four-legged companions. Pony petting? No way!  

Myth 1: This course is only for managers!
Equine assisted coaching has actually become known through leadership seminars for managers but there are many other target groups that can benefit from coaching with horses.
To stay with the classical topic of "leadership", this can also be applied to other groups of people, as there are many forms of leaders: Parents, teachers, social workers, club leaders,....
Moreover, equine coaching is much more than learning how to lead! Topics such as trust, mindfulness, making decisions, setting boundaries, achieving goals and balancing self-image and the image of others make it an attractive topic for many people! Equine assisted coaching thus offers approaches to solve difficulties for the most diverse areas.  
"The true meaning of teamwork is known to those whose partner is a 600 kg free spirit" 

Myth 2: There is riding involved!
Horse assisted coaching takes place on the ground. The horses are led or are present without a rope. It's not about learning how to bring a horse from A to B, but to discover and promote strengths and potentials in oneself.
Very rarely I make an exception and put a client on a horse for a short time if it is beneficial for the process. Then it is about topics like trust or "being carried". 99.9% of the time, however, actually take place on the ground. Neither you nor your clients have to be literally saddle fast 😉

Myth 3: It's something like hippotherapy!
Hippotherapy is a well-known term that describes the support of people with ailments by horses. It is physiotherapy on a horse and thus a sub-area of therapeutic riding.
Coaching, on the other hand, is not therapy, but works with the healthy parts of a person. It is a resource-oriented and solution-oriented process supported by the partner horse.

Myth 4: It's just pony petting!
Of course you're allowed to stroke the pony during coaching, but it is much more than that. Coaching is always about a specific goal that the client wants to achieve. Whether it is strengthening one's own leadership personality, being able to set limits or dealing with stress in a meaningful way. With the horse, certain interventions take place through which the client receives new insights and impulses. These are reflected and transferred to the corresponding professional or private situation. Only through reflection and transfer does the client gain new possibilities for behaviour, which he or she can then try out and implement immediately.
Horse assisted coaching is therefore much more than pony petting! It is an effective coaching variation that is enriching for both coach and client as well as the animal.
You have a passion for working with people - and in the best case also horses? Would you like to dispel many more myths yourself and dive into the colourful world of Horse Assisted Coaching? Here you can find all information about our course "Equine Assisted Coaching & Training".